Land Rover Series 3 Cab Truck

This 2-door pick-up is a truly fantastic Land Rover Series 3. Coming in its original Limestone colour, with a genuine low mileage of 58,000 miles, this stunning example is a nod to one of Britain’s most world-renowned marques.

When the Series 3 was introduced in 1971, numerous changes were made to improve the performance and practicality in order to upgrade the previous Series 2a. The Series 3 received, as a result, a revised cockpit with a plastic dashboard, an all-synchromesh gearbox complete with optional overdrive, and a newly specified alternator which drastically improved the durability in comparison to the earlier Series 2a.

This specific Series 3 was produced in the last full year of production before the 90 and 110 arrived in 1982. Then around 40 years later, between 2019-2021, it underwent a major restoration where not a penny was spared. Although the colour and the canvas roof remained the same, almost everything else was restored.

Firstly, starting with the underneath, it received a brand new galvanised 88-inch chassis, sourced from a chassis specialist in South Yorkshire. In addition to this, this Series 3 had its bulkhead and footwells replaced, as was the entire exhaust system. Four new shocks and bushes also rang up the till, with brake wheel cylinders, a new fuel tank, pump and sender unit all part of the recommissioning.

Looking towards the inside, you can see most the original interior has been retained. However, new seats and frames have been fitted, as well as a new windscreen and door rubbers. One of the only things not restored as mentioned above is the canvas roof. This was done purely for the reason of not over-restoring the car. Although some stains and wear are visible, there are no rips or tears, and it suits the car really well.

Under the bonnet, there are many signs of the car’s recent restoration. A new radiator and hose kit can be seen, together with an engine service kit and HT lead set. The zenith carburettor, which looks to have been rebuilt and cleaned, was fitted with a new hose to the air cleaner; a heater hose was replaced, as was the drive belt and distributor cap. The steering also received attention too with the pump relay, damper, box cover, and the battery being replaced.

Now turning to the outside, the cars colour is original, and immaculate in appearance. This Series 3 also boasts 5 new wheels, new Security TM 7.50 16 tyres, and a new tailgate. New headlight surrounds and plastic backing bowls were fitted as part of the work undertaken. The badges and grille were left alone and are in fact original.

Overall, this Series 3 is undeniably brilliant. Despite all the work undertaken, the car still looks the part, arguably drives even better than an original Series 3, and still has its authenticity.

Supplied with a fresh MOT and a Winchester Auto Barn 3-Month Warranty.

Engine Size
2.25 Litre
Body Type
Pick Up