The Showroom
Our Showroom is a stylish mix of cars, music, curios and automobilia from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. We aim to sell only honest well sorted vehicles that have been thoroughly inspected by our highly experienced in-house specialists. Our cars are either sourced by ourselves or we are selling on a commission basis on behalf of our customers. We can source specific vehicles and will soon be offering a finance facility to enable customers to acquire their next toy.
Mercedes-Benz 300SE for sale Winchester
Mercedes-Benz 300SE
Engine: 3.0 L straight 6
Year: 1967
Price: £97,500.00
This beautifully presented Mercedes-Benz 300SE is a lovely slice of 1960's luxury motoring
Mini Cooper for sale Winchester
Mini Cooper
Engine: 1275
Year: 1998
Price: £15,750.00
Wonderful, low mileage 1998 Mini Cooper
Triumph TR4A IRS for sale Winchester
Triumph TR4A IRS
Engine: 2.1L
Year: 1966
Price: £32,450.00
The TR4 was always a great looking car designed by Italian stylist Michelotti, however in 1965 it was upgraded to the TR4A
Land Rover Series 3 for sale Winchester
Land Rover Series 3
Engine: 2.5
Year: 1984
Price: £18,995.00
The series 3 is one of is one of the most collectable Land Rover models, with notable improvements over the series 2.
Land Rover Defender 110 for sale Winchester
Land Rover Defender 110
Engine: 2.4 Litre
Year: 2007
Price: £28,450.00
A striking orange Land Rover Defender 110 with 87,500 miles and numerous desirable features. A truly exceptional example.
Land Rover Defender 90 TD5 Pick-Up for sale Winchester
Land Rover Defender 90 TD5 Pick-Up
Engine: 2.5 Litre
Year: 2001
Price: £16,950.00
A chunky Land Rover Defender with some unique features. Sold with 98900 miles.
BMW 3.0 CSL for sale Winchester
Engine: 3.0 Litre
Year: 1972
Price: £149,950.00
The BMW 3.0 CSL doesn't need much of an introduction. A car of staggering beauty and mechanical finesse with only 78,000 miles.
Land Rover Series 3 Cab Truck for sale Winchester
Land Rover Series 3 Cab Truck
Engine: 2.25 Litre
Year: 1982
Price: £24,795.00
A delightful restored Land Rover Series 3 with only 58,000 miles, a fantastic example.
Land Rover Defender 90 TD5 Heritage for sale Winchester
Land Rover Defender 90 TD5 Heritage
Engine: 2.0 Litre
Year: 2000
Price: £24,750.00
A pure bred Land Rover Defender 90 TD5 Heritage. Clean and highly useable. 110,000 miles.
Alfa Romeo 1600 GT Junior for sale Winchester
Alfa Romeo 1600 GT Junior
Engine: 1.6 Litre
Year: 1973
Price: £39,950.00
A great example of a true Italian sports saloon in a fantastic condition. Only 77,000 miles.
MG MGB for sale Winchester
Engine: 1.8 Litre
Year: 1972
Price: £13,000.00
A quality example of an affordable British classic. Recent in-house restoration just completed.
Mercedes Benz 280E Saloon for sale Winchester
Mercedes Benz 280E Saloon
Engine: 2.8 Litre
Year: 1983
Price: £12,450.00
Arguably one of the finest saloons of its decade, this is a pure example of a 1980s Mercedes Benz classic.
Land Rover Series 3 109 for sale Winchester
Land Rover Series 3 109
Engine: 2.5 Litre
Year: 1980
Price: £20,995.00
This superb and very sorted Landy 109 cost the previous owner £30k to buy and restore. Galvanised chassis, 200 TDi engine, safari top and overdrive.
Land Rover Defender TD5 for sale Winchester
Land Rover Defender TD5
Engine: 2.5 Litre
Year: 2006
Price: £18,950.00
A fantastically robust and prime example of the world renowned Land Rover Defender TD5. 77,536 miles and supplied with MOT.
BMW 8 Series 850i for sale Winchester
BMW 8 Series 850i
Engine: 5 Litre
Year: 1991
Price: £27,950.00
A very clean BMW 850i. An unrestored and very low mileage example. These V12 8 Series have become much sought after and are hard to find in this condition.
BMW M5 E39 for sale Winchester
BMW M5 E39
Engine: 4.9 Litre
Year: 2001
Price: £27,950.00
An undeniably monstrous car, this 2001 BMW E39 M5 Sedan is a beast of a machine, with this example embodying the high performance of early 2000 German saloons.
Land Rover Defender 90 Td5 for sale Winchester
Land Rover Defender 90 Td5
Engine: 2.5 Litre
Year: 2002
Price: £20,950.00
A fun, highly robust Land Rover Defender 90 Td5, capable of all terrains and suitable for nearly all purposes. A superb, appreciating collector's item.
Land Rover Series 3 109 Station Wagon for sale Winchester
Land Rover Series 3 109 Station Wagon
Engine: 2.3 Litre
Year: 1974
Price: £17,750.00
Land Rover Series 3 109 Station Wagon 2.3 Petrol. Excellent condition. Recent body off respray plus chassis repaint. 87,553 miles.
Austin Mini Clubman for sale Winchester
Austin Mini Clubman
Engine: 998cc
Year: 1979
Price: £14,450.00
A fabulous example of an endearing, heritage Austin Mini Clubman Estate. You won't see another of this class, it really is the bits.
Mercedes-Benz 300SL for sale Winchester
Mercedes-Benz 300SL
Engine: 3 Litre
Year: 1987
Price: £26,950.00
A beautiful 1987 convertible Mercedes 300SL, in an exquisite metallic willow green with automatic transmission. A beautifully elegant and pleasant vehicle.
Land Rover Series 1 for sale Winchester
Land Rover Series 1
Engine: 2.5 Litre
Year: 1956
Price: £23,500.00
A highly sought after 1956 Series1 Land Rover, in an excellent condition. This vehicle has undergone a full, detailed restoration. Only 64,114 miles.
Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser for sale Winchester
Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser
Engine: 4.2 Litre
Year: 1983
Price: £34,450.00
Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser – Lovely original RHD Japanese built petrol FJ40. 4.2 litre 2F straight six, manual gearbox, upgraded PAS.
Porsche 911 (930) Targa for sale Winchester
Porsche 911 (930) Targa
Engine: 3.2 Litre
Year: 1984
Price: £48,750.00
A superb appreciating classic Guards Red 911 Targa that drives and handles without fault. Porsche Certified.
Ford Escort Mexico MK1 for sale Winchester
Ford Escort Mexico MK1
Engine: 1.6 Litre
Year: 1973
Price: £33,950.00
Exceptionally clean verified Ford AVO Owners MK1 Mexico in Seabring Red. Optional Ford Custom Pack Interior Type 49 shell.
Karmann ghia for sale Winchester
Karmann ghia
Engine: 1.5 Litre
Year: 1970
Price: £24,450.00
An interesting and genuine LHD semi automatic Karmann Ghia convertible in excellent condition.
Mercedes E220 Convertible for sale Winchester
Mercedes E220 Convertible
Engine: 2.2 Litre
Year: 1995
Price: £9,950.00
A very elegant and well cared for example of a Mercedes-Benz E220 4-seater Convertible.