Our Vision
Our mission
To create a valuable community and network of like-minded people who are interested in cars of all shapes and sizes
The Story
of the Garage
For decades the garage was a filling station and has stood on this ancient Roman crossroads since just after World War II. The thatched cottage dates from the 1700’s and was originally a home to farm workers.

The previous garage owners had run the business for over 42 years and built up a popular and well-respected sales and service destination looking after the local communities motoring needs.
Great customer experience and building trust in our work is our main goal – it is very important that we are proud of what we do.
of the Garage
The modern purpose-built workshop behind the cottage was erected in 2008. This was to cope with the business expanding at that time.

When we purchased the garage in September 2018, we felt it was vital to keep the highly skilled staff on board with their invaluable local knowledge and to maintain continuity to look after the countless relationships that had been formed over many years.

We also undertook a programme of investment to expand, upgrade and develop the existing site to create a comfortable, well equipped and interestingly nostalgic destination for customers and car enthusiasts to congregate as there isn’t a good meeting point with decent facilities in the area.

All the above is coupled with the focus to continue to deliver a great service and to continually invest in the latest diagnostic equipment to offer unparalleled quality on all the work we undertake. We are a commercial business but getting it right and keeping customers happy in our community is critical.