Alfa Romeo 1600 GT Junior

This 1973 Alfa Romeo 105 Series 1600 GT Junior is a fine UK RHD example of one of these stylish fun little Italian sports saloon. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro for Bertone, the Alfa Romeo 1600 GT Junior was built between 1972 and 1976, and became an instant hit. The cars throaty & torquey engine, all-round Dunlop disc brakes, sweet shifting 5 speed gearbox and balanced handling combined with its Italian good looks made it an incredibly versatile and popular car and an instant classic from the start.

This example comes in a fine rare and original Hollandaise Blue finish which looks exceptionally sharp. The bodywork of the car has just had a full bare-metal respray with floor pans, sills and scuttle receiving much attention. This work was completed in late 2021. As well as this, the steel wheels are nicely polished, with the Dunlop SP 185/70 R14 tyres also in fine shape. 

Looking on the inside - this 105 Series Alfa has a really pleasing original Cinnamon leatherette interior. The perfect geometric proportions of its dash, coupled with its excellent upkeep, superbly adds to the charming aura of this car. Some of the instruments, such as the 3-spoke deep-dish steering wheel, cowled dials, and low-back bucket seats, all look great sitting within the car's beautiful interior. Accompanying this, the quilted vinyl floor coverings are in good condition, the headlining is taut, and the toggle switches are neatly labelled.

The maintenance of the car is not only demonstrated by the appearance of the car, but also in the healthy number of invoices that date back to the early 1980s. It includes a lot of major work undertaken on the car, such as new carburettor mounts, a new inlet manifold gasket, and new brake servos, amongst other things, completed in 2016. It also includes the very recent full respray and bodywork undertaken on the car as mentioned above.

Overall, this Alfa 1600 GT Junior is a delightful stylish Italian gem. It isn't flaunty, nor is it trying to be anything else. It's a neat, refined sports saloon that does all the basics and incredibly well. It drives like a true Italian classic that is sure to put a big grin on your face...!

Perhaps even under-appreciated, this charming Alfa Junior 1600 GT has, we believe, a very good investment potential.

Engine Size
1.6 Litre
Body Type
Sports Saloon