The BMW 3.0 CSL, CSL standing for Coupe Sport Leichtbau (Coupe Sport Lightweight),  was created in 1972 as an homologation special built to enable the car to be eligible for the European Touring Car Championships. The car achieved victory in this competition in 1973, as well as winning Le Mans in the same year. Only 1,265 were ever made, of which only 500 were exported to the UK. These 500 vehicles were all part of the City Pack edition, with this CSL being one of them.

This example, finished in its original colour of Polaris Silver, makes quite the first impression. The car sits on top of 14-inch Alpina tyre, and has alloy wheels, an aluminium bonnet, boot lid and door skins. The reason for them being aluminium was to achieve the lightness, as so stated in its name.  Inside the car there are comfortable Scheel seats, which have no tears and are in great condition, and a beautiful wooden trim around the dash, which has also been maintained immaculately and looks gorgeous.

Within the car, a Period radio has also been fitted that works more than adequately. Also, to note, the car also has electric windows, a feature that was removed on all other vehicles that weren't exported to the UK. All of these features, including the wooden trim, radio and the Perspex windows, remained in all the 500 City Pack CSLs, to make them more suited for driving in the city and generally more comfortable.

Maintained superbly by the previous owners, the care given to the car is clearly evident. In the 90s the car underwent a full restoration, and then the next owner spent 20k on the car to sustain its driveability, this owner was in fact the principal of a BMW dealership. All of the completed work has paperwork in its comprehensive service history, which does exclude work done prior to 1990, but includes everything after 1990, where there is extensive paperwork comprising of continuous MOT certificates and BMW certified invoices.

Inevitably for such a meticulously maintained car, the mechanics of the car are beyond reproach. The car starts from cold and idles correctly up to the correct temperature, and the engine runs smoothly and strong. The gearbox too runs smoothly and is precise through the gears, while the clutch also functions well. Power steering is also equipped on the car for even more effortless driving. Additionally, in relation to the brakes and suspension, due to the cars high maintenance, both these components of the car operate incredibly, with the discs and pads having plenty of material on them.

Overall, the car is a pleasure, and a fine example of a great car. Supplied with 78,000 miles and a Winchester Auto Barn 3-Month Warranty.

Engine Size
3.0 Litre
Body Type